October 12, 2015


Information for Employers
If you are an employer, there are laws of which you must be aware. Hiring immigrant workers can be difficult due to the I-9 form. If you are hiring an immigrant and this form is not filled out properly, you could face serious legal penalties. Employment eligibility verification is a difficult and dangerous document, so get legal counsel right away.

There are many different kinds of visas. Some are for permanent residency, some for short-term visits. Whether you are a student seeking to attend school in the United States or you are a worker seeking employment, there are different visas tailored to your needs and desires, as well as many laws that accompany these visas.

Non-Immigrant Visa
The non-immigrant visa is a category that encompasses all short term visas, such as student, investment, and vacation visas. There are ways to go about obtaining the visa that you need, but the process can be confusing if you are unfamiliar with U.S. law. Consult with an immigration attorney to ensure that you follow all necessary procedures.

Immigrant Visa
Immigrant visas allow a person to reside within the United States. Some of these visas allow you to work, while some of them allow a temporary stay until citizenship or residency can be established, such as a fiancé visa.

Permanent Residence Visa
A permanent residence visa is a type of immigrant visa which allows the person to reside and work in the United States. These visas are somewhat temporary, although they can be renewed upon expiration, provided that the bearer maintains a good record and maintains eligibility for renewal.

Family Visa
A family visa allows individuals who have been separated from their families to reunite and reside in the United States. Such a visa requires one member of the family to be a lawful resident of the United States or a citizen, and there is a petition form that must be properly completed.

Employment Visa I-9
This document helps to prove that you are legally residing in the U.S. and you are eligible to work. Employers in the U.S. are required to have each employee complete this form, and every employee in the U.S. is required to complete it correctly and in a timely manner.

Work Visa
A work visa is available to those who wish to work and reside in the United States. However there are many requirements for eligibility, such as a good record, and adhering to the laws of the U.S. Speak with an El Paso immigration attorney to learn how you may be eligible for this visa.

Fiancé Visa
This visa allows a 90-day period for the fiancé to enter the U.S., get married, and establish citizenship before expiration. Since the time restraint is so tight, be sure to have a knowledgeable attorney on your side to help you file correctly and on time so that you are not deported or denied entrance into the country.

Business & Investor Visa
An investment or business visa available to those who wish to come to the United States for the purpose of a business or investment opportunity. Contact our firm today to learn how we could help you through the detailed and sensitive process.

Additional Types of Visa
There are many different types of visas, all of which are tailored specifically to fit the needs of each individual. There are visas available to those wishing to come into the U.S. in order make an investment, or to visit family members. There are visas available to those who wish to work temporarily, or to work as a religious clergy for a temporary period of time. Find out more about these and other types of visas by consulting with a member of our legal team.

Green Card
Establishing permanent residency in the United States has great advantages, including the fact that it allows an individual to reside and work within the country’s borders. A permanent residency visa is also known as a green card. This visa can be extremely difficult to obtain, as the U.S. government only issues a limited number every year. The legal counsel and guidance of an immigration lawyer provides the best chance of success in this area.

Labor Certification
This document allows a foreign national to work in the United States. When there are no qualified and/or willing employees in the United States to fill a position, an employer could look to other countries and have an individual laborer, who is specially certified in the required area, move to the U.S. to fill the position.

This process involves knowing certain information and residing in the U.S. for a certain period of time, while maintaining good records and upholding the laws. There are many ways to be excluded from eligibility of naturalization, and there are many documents, forms, and processes to go through when applying.

Citizenship in the United States has many great advantages. There are benefits such as the protection and aid of our government, ability to work, and to work as an elected government official, the freedom to vote, and more. The process is detailed, lengthy and difficult, however, so make sure you have the advice and support of a caring and experienced lawyer.

If you are facing persecution in your country of origin, then you may be eligible for asylum in the United States. This country offers asylum to a limited number of immigrants who are being persecuted based on race, religious beliefs, nationality, social practices, political stance and more.

Cancellation of Removal
The hardest thing for an immigrant to experience is the threat of deportation. A cancellation of removal is a petition to the authoritie requesting the presentation of more evidence that could possibly allow the individual to remain in the U.S.

Deportation Defense
Deportation is a terrifying thing to face. There are numerous reasons why an individual would want to remain in the United States, such as the existence of family members in the country, if there is persecution awaiting the individual in their country of origin, or if there are less work opportunities elsewhere.

Employment Eligibility Verification
When an individual comes to the United States to work, the employer must have a document that proves the employee’s eligibility to work. In the case of an audit, this form must be completed and readily available.

For Individuals
If you are an individual who is seeking residency, citizenship, or a temporary visa for school, work, vacation, or any other reason, there are many laws and legal issues that you must understand and follow. Failure to adhere to these laws could mean deportation and exclusion from eligibility for re-entry in the future.